Hey hey there's got to be another way
Eyes sore, strained neck from looking at you sideways
Fell off the horse again and dragged into the sunset
True version of a person that I've never met
I land cause I'm jumpin, split head still thumpin
Can't remember what I've learned cause everything is nothing
You're burning up the bunsen, heads in the oven
Breathing in the fumes kissing cousins repercussions!

I wanna overload damage! Till I fuckin can't manage!

Crazy dogs at the door, meaningful, zodiac
Minds bent, distort, grind a minute off the stack
Gotta gotta get away from all this danger
Take it far away from here to figure out this stranger
Body broke, last chance, feel the city last dance

Taking over, vision blurred, human grit, nothing earned

Tie up all the loose ends just to demonstrate you get it
Then push it out the door and hope that someone's sympathetic

Go! Punk house, death set, tour vans, warehouse
Hi tops, bus stops, hard liquor non stop, here we go, ohh no
around the world, zero dough,
Just landed in another city about to play another show
Quanni Cannonz, plane tickets Super high, no limit?
Round 10, gone again more babes more whippets,
Sunrise, sunset, same day all the same, press play
Didn’t wanna do it any other way

So we will work this out again, only then
To find ourselves right back where we began
Yeah there's no plan
And that's how this whole thing has always been
It's just our thing to lose our minds like this until the end

Tramped on snail too late to move
That time was now so no excuse
Ripped shirt, late rent, new town, new friends,
Can't sleep, can't wake, mind got done spent
Got a lesson that I got to learn
Still got desire that I got to burn
New flame, old doubt, head hurts, same route
Mixed up, no sense, hands up, knocked out

I like making bad decisions
Is this ever gonna change?
I like making bad decisions
Will this ever go away??
Go away!!!

More and more of everything
Cerebral cortex on the brink
Make it snap, work that kink
Indecision missing link
Round and round down the drain
Pick myself up, try again
All this pressure on my brain
No relief, it's all the same

Got that itch to scratch again
Bleeding knees, crippled head
Never ever on the mend
Wanna do bad things instead
Even when it's all OK
Doesn't matter anyway
Cause my mind works that way
Bad decisions here to stay

I got a tattoo of a person getting tattooed
It's a hipster ouroboros high on ecstasy
I got a housewife and a house cat and a driveway and a lab rat
And a peep hole, just to watch them breed
I've got a cat walk full of dachshunds and a skatepark full of implants
For the doctors failing sociology
Bloody nose, squirrel tail, blow up doll, wish me well
Mermaids on the corner they got what you need

Ohh well…!

Crack head on the pressed juice and a mother drinking breast milk
Doing sit ups on the subway screaming I can't breathe!
Living hell, what's that smell?
Homeless eating oyster shells
Kiss me on the tip of my efficiency
I swear I’m gonna make it to be internet famous
Bury me with wifi heavens guaranteed
Just wanna be intelligent, I wanna be an elephant
I wanna be the lover that makes you scream

Ohh no lets go, remember not to follow your head though…

I never understood how to really make a stand
First I've got to sit and let the demons show their fangs
Monkey set his sights on the woman and the kid
Lip smacking cutie just sniffin out the fear
I'm running through the jungle and I don't know where I'm goin
Cause the jungles always changing and the jungles always knowing
This sickness keeps attacking all the things that I'm wanting
Breathe in the madness watch the power of the monster

I'm sick!

Germy little beings scratching for the petri dish
Looking for an exit and an end to suffering
Hundreds of kites through a sepia wind
Sun setting slowly rattle in the moment
I'm part of this madness and it's overtaken me
But maybe that's the thing that I really fuckin need
Get to the end where there is no you and me
Kind of like now but without this disease

I'm sick!

I dunno man you ever felt like you're heads just gonna fuckin explode?
But you're scared cause the explosion might put the fire out

Nothing comes to mind nothing left to say
My focus always changes anyway
Braid dead, sick of it, trying to make sense of it
Throwing shit around but nothing seems to want to stick
Put my fingers down my throat and vomit it out
My toes fell out from a case of the gout
Dumb dumb writers block
Call it what cha what cha want
Two birds no words falling from the very top
Into the abyss nothing left to give
Charlie Kauffman ain't got nothing on this
But it doesn't really matter cause we got time
In a world where attention spans are fried
My heads deep fried so serve it up
Supersize my soul, just add ketchup
And stick it in a bottle this SOS
Holy shit looks like we wrote a song I guess

Why does this have to be so difficult Ohh My God!
Why do we have to be so cynical Ohh My God!

Penny for your thoughts wrap it up I gauze
Bleeding from a wound you're so distraught
So fuck you, out of my way
Turns out I got stuff to say even if it sounds insane
What does it mean? Tell me what to do
What screws loose? What meaning do I choose?
Dizzy life, playing tough, King Louis had enough
All fished out so fuck it up or fuck it off
Kicked off the horse but I got it's tail
My eyes fell out just to read the braille
Boozy little battle for the forests and the trees
I'm pulling it together for the best of me
Mickey and Minnie on ecstasy
That's what I call real fucking chemistry
We doing it for Brazil, Slow kid, idiot
Say what you gonna say, we don't really give a shit
No fun, my friend
I fell down just to reach the end
I spun around now I'm back again
I walked a straight line now I'm round the bend
But it really doesn't matter, cause we're all in this together
And we're all taking the ride just to dissolve into matter
In time, we'll all find

We set for death kid, we all set for death kid

I got vomit for Breakfast, missing all my life
Moving in between all the photos I dodged
While the world keeps turning no matter the cost
And everybody's happy cause everybody's lost
I'm runnin runnin, falling off the edge
Pieces of the puzzle rearranging in my head
Get it together never going there again
Cause where we’re going we’re all going in the end yea.

I wanna be number two man
I wanna be second best to the rest
That way you never lose man
Never sit down, never take the test
Skin free prophet of a land that doesn't prosper
Seven tone statue for a god that never mattered
Drop out without a mouth full of cardboard
Tune in to the question that's the problem

Best Kept Mess

I thought I knew what I knew man
Turns out there was nothing to lose
Break and enter by the enemy
False gods in the panic room
Leftovers from the crossfire empty out the garbage
Breathing in the doctrine breathing out the carnage
Available to everyone impossible to manage
Move in new directions just to counteract the damage

I had to move far away
Just to keep my head straight
I had to leave my favorite place
To move to some better days
But when it's all said and done
Ode to the moment that's just begun
Ode to the moment all filled with fear
It's gonna be OK when you're not here

Cause no where is here

Around the clock no sleep again
Missed connections and old friends
Stop playing hands that bring me down
The night falls, the journeys done
So far away that we're almost home
But when I'm here I don't wanna hang around

Everyday, sitting around
I watch it slowly fade
The images found
Are so destructive, it's so elusive
So deconstruct it, and keep it moving
Yea there's nothing here
Except the noise in your head
And the feeling of fear that's slowly turning to dread
Just watch it unfold
And then leave it alone
Cause the beast at the door
Is the beast that you own

Closed eyes, no I!

Woke up inside my head today
Different picture in the same old frame
Old painting of the same old game
Picked off the scab and still bled the same
Fresh wounds on top of old scars
Got to the end and realized it was the start
Heads in the gutter, my souls in the stars
Breathe out and let it fall apart

MAD WORLD (feat. Ho99o9)
Got this itch to scratch again
Nothing helps so scratch again
Break the skin, feel the strain
Look outside it’s just the same
A world ready to itch their pain
Not content but just the same
United in suffering
Accept the truth and smile with me
Walk outside it screams at me 
Violence, corruption, poverty
It's part of them, part of me
Share the truth, same disease
No way out but accept the mess
And take action to ease distress
Take action for kindness
This fucked up work in progress

This mad world just makes me
Lose my mind it makes me
Shake uncontrollably
This mad world just makes me

Out the front door, feel the fear
Yea no ones going everywhere
These cages, caging, cagey stares
Just take me anywhere
Yea away from all this hatred
This filthy human nature
Theses snakey, flakey flakers
Who'll sell you all the answers
But I'll tell you this, I don't need this shit
Cause I have a voice and I'm using it
My minds made up and I'm over it
This double standard one percent
This crazy world is burning, set to deconstruct
I wonder home long have we got to suffer these beasts ruling the top?

Ho99o9 verse

Said goodbye to the night, said hello to the fight
Decide, whatever that might be
Scream in hunger with a head full of lice
Agony resides, right next to fine dining
Under slept with a wad full of shame and a lifetime of pain
Please pass the fine wine list
Why feed on the scraps?
Everything's in your grasp
Run the right scam you got this

Said goodbye to the dream, nothing left to believe
Is there anyone out there who can feed me?
Feel the weight in your spine
Witness what's left behind
Remind me, who's suffering
Cold stares burn your skin
Mixed up grief from within
Do we do this again, never lonely
Innate will to survive
Pay your check pass me by
Look me right in the eye
Glad it's not me

My demons keep telling someone me I'm not OK
My demons keep telling me to go astray
Everything's fragile feel like I might break
Fuck man I gotta stare this in the face
I try to maintain I try to elevate
Falling as I climb there's no escape
Almost there but so far away
We're in this together so we'll be OK.

So keep it movin my friend!
Don’t wanna do this again!

I feel numb, I feel nothing at all
Cause theres a trap and you've been in it before
No fun, no reset no rewind
I take a deep breath and let my thoughts collide
This enemy, is my best friend
I take it to the grave
Just one more time again
Cause everything is falling into the sun
Cause when the scene cuts, there's really no one